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Speech Pathology is a health science and allied health field which studies speech, language and swallowing disorders. These disorders can affect a range of people, from infants to the elderly, and may be congenital or acquired through brain injury. Speech Pathology uses a range of techniques and therapies to assess and treat these disorders and to help develop and improve speaking, communication, and swallowing skills. Speech Pathology involves work in private clinics, hospitals and community settings, as well as in research or education. Speech Pathology services are often provided to patients in conjunction with other medical and community health services.

Speech Pathology Jobs

Speech Pathologists work with children and adults to assess, treat, and prevent a range of speech, communication and swallowing disorders. They get to know their patients and their specific needs. They use a range of therapies to help them improve expressive and receptive language skills, fluency, speech and voice sounds, cognitive and social communication skills, feeding and swallowing skills. They provide education to family members/caregivers. Speech Pathologists complete a Bachelor or Master’s degree in Speech Pathology and can become certified through membership with Speech Pathology Australia.