Health Service Categories and Careers


Medical/Lab Science is a Health Science field concerned with the production and analysis of accurate and reliable test procedures and results in chemistry, haematology, immunology, and microbiology. This important work supports pathology and the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Medical Laboratory Science is also applied in medical research and development, biotechnology, mortuary technology, and veterinary pathology. Employment opportunities exist in hospital and community laboratories, private laboratories and companies, government agencies, industry, research institutions, and the armed forces.

Laboratory Science (Medical) Jobs

Medical Laboratory Scientists work in pathology and other laboratories where they undertake testing of blood, tissue, fluid and cells. They receive specimens, run tests, and provide diagnostic and assessment services. They have studied biology, zoology, physics and chemistry; and have practical and technical skills to operate specialised equipment and maintain a safe laboratory environment. Sometimes they are involved in research, data collection and development. Medical Laboratory Scientists have completed a degree in Medical Laboratory Science/Laboratory Medicine. They may be responsible for managing the laboratory and a team of workers, and often consult with the wider health care team and pathologists.

Medical Laboratory Technicians and Assistants work in hospital and community laboratories under the supervision of Medical Laboratory Scientists or Pathologists. Some roles extend into research and development with tertiary institutions or industry and private companies. Medical Laboratory Technicians receive samples of blood, tissue, fluids and cells, to test and assess in the laboratory. They operate and maintain laboratory equipment, record results and data, and adhere to safe laboratory practices. Medical Laboratory Technicians have completed a diploma level qualification specialising in pathology or medical laboratory operations.