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Radiation Oncology involves the treatment of cancer using radiation therapy and specialist care of cancer patients to improve health outcomes. It is based on knowledge from the oncology sciences, including radiation oncology physics, radiation and cancer biology and human anatomy. It demands technical expertise in the use of radiation therapy technologies. Radiation Oncology involves the clinical management of patients, including preventative cancer screening, oncological assessment, diagnoses, management plans, prognosis, referrals, and integrated and follow up care, as well as symptom management and palliative care. Management plans are tailored to meet the needs of the patient and consider factors such as their age, tumour type/size/shape, and multisystem disorders. Clinical assessment and expertise allows clinicians to determine radiation therapy type, safety concerns, dosage, duration, and frequency, and response to treatment can be monitored. Radiation therapy is often used to treat cancer in conjunction with surgery, chemotherapy and other treatments. Radiation oncology therefore plays an important role in providing integrated cancer care for patients, where rehabilitation, follow up consultation, psychosocial services or palliative care may be required.

Radiation Oncology Jobs

Radiation Oncologists provide specialist care to cancer patients using radiation therapy and clinical expertise. They undertake preventative cancer screenings, and other investigations involving diagnostic radiology techniques and oncological assessment. They create management plans and can assess how much radiation therapy to use based on the type of cancer the patient has and other variables. They perform radiation therapy safely and appropriately using specialised equipment and technical skills. They provide integrated and follow up patient care, which often involves collaboration with GPs, referral to medical specialists and other social/community support services, rehabilitation, or palliative care. To pursue a career as a Radiation Oncologist, registered doctors, after completing their PGY2, can apply to the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (RANZCR) to undertake training in Radiation Oncology, a five-year program which leads to Fellowship and Specialist registration with AHPRA.