Health Service Categories and Careers


Aged Care encompasses a range of medical, nursing, allied health, and other personal care and support services which are provided to elderly people in the community. More specifically it relates to geriatric care and services provided in aged care residences, hospitals, respite clinics, as well as home-based care and palliative care settings. Services aim to optimise quality of life and support healthy aging.

Aged Care Jobs

Nurses who work in aged care work in aged care residences, hospitals, respite residences, and other community or in-home settings. They provide high quality, person-and family-centred nursing care to elderly and frail residents, who may have dementia, complex clinical needs, rehabilitation needs post illness or injury, or are approaching the end of their life. Aged Care Nurses are involved in admission, care planning and evaluation. They provide clinical nursing care, manage and administer medications, and keep accurate and comprehensive documentation regarding resident care. They provide integrated health care to assist residents/individuals with their daily needs and support their quality of life. They educate caregivers and work together with families, management, and health providers, and within the multidisciplinary aged care team. Nurses working in aged care may be involved in palliative care and connecting families to spiritual and support services. They may be responsible for training and supervising junior nurses and teams of support staff. Employers usually request that nurses are registered, and there are roles available for different levels of experience – please refer to the Nursing section for more information.