Health Service Categories and Careers


Public Health Medicine focuses on the health of populations. It is concerned with the delivery of healthcare services, health promotion, and the prevention of disease and injury, both within populations at large and within community groups. Although considered a non-clinical specialty of medicine, practice is firmly founded on clinical experience and medical expertise. Public health medicine studies epidemiology, biostatistics, health protection (including environmental health as well as communicable disease prevention and control), and health policy, planning, and management. It recognises environmental influences on health and disease and the importance of scientific evaluation methods. It seeks to assess the health needs of the population in general and of specific community groups and to evaluate the effectiveness of policies and programs. Importantly, public health medicine is involved in research and must consult with a variety of health providers, health boards, hospitals, the public, the government, industry and institutions, to involve them in processes which help to determine the appropriateness, effectiveness and benefits of health services, public health initiatives and government policy.

Public Health Medicine Jobs

Public Health Physicians are doctors who have undertaken advanced training in Public Health Medicine. They have clinical experience and have a broad understanding of the many conditions and circumstances that impact on health and wellbeing. Some specialise in a particular area of public health, such as policy making, health promotion, or disease prevention. Public Health Physicians make assessments of community health needs, facilitate provision of health services to communities, help create and communicate public awareness campaigns, provide expert opinion and conduct research. To pursue a career in Public Health Medicine, registered doctors with 3 years of postgraduate clinical experience, as well as a recognised Master’s degree in Public Health, can undertake advanced training in Public Health Medicine - a 3 year RACP program which leads to Fellowship and Specialist Registration with AHPRA.