Health Service Categories and Careers


Social Work is an Allied Health field concerned with providing support to people who are experiencing challenges in their life. They may be experiencing mental health issues, drug and alcohol addiction, disability, homelessness, isolation, or poverty. Social work studies human development and behaviour, social justice, social networks, and community health. Services are provided by integrated and multidisciplinary teams. They seek to improve wellbeing and build social cohesion and responsibility. Services provide support for people suffering from acute and/or ongoing/chronic problems, and may include emergency housing, education, financial and social support, food aid, community health clinics, drug and alcohol support or respite care. Services are aimed at improving the health and life outcomes of individuals, families, and community groups.

Social Work Jobs

Social Workers support a range of people and families to improve wellbeing, make better choices, and access services like emergency accommodation, government benefits and financial support, family therapy, and healthcare. They manage caseloads of clients and advocate for their needs. They provide assessment and intervention services and follow up support services. Most professional roles in Social Work require a Bachelor or Master of Social Work, and membership with the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW). Social Workers work in hospitals, private clinics, government agencies and community settings. They can specialise in different practice areas such as, Community Health, Child and Family Welfare, Aged care, Palliative Care, Substance Abuse, Justice and Corrections, or in Rehabilitation/Acute care in clinical hospital settings. They have direct contact with patients and their families and build strong community relationships.