Health Service Categories and Careers


Optometry is considered an Allied Health field, and is concerned with vision and ocular health. It involves vision assessment, detection of visual impairment or eye disease, and management/treatment of vision defects by prescribing a variety of corrective lenses. Optometrists provide primary eye care services and can detect more complex eye conditions which require referral to Ophthalmologists or other medical specialists for further investigation and treatment.

Optometry Jobs

Optometrists work with adults and children to examine eye health, conduct vision tests, and prescribe glasses. They can detect vision impairments, diagnose eye disorders, assess for other related health diseases, and can determine when to refer people on for further medical care. They can also advise on therapeutic treatments for minor eye ailments such as allergies or conjunctivitis. They mainly work in private practices, but also in hospitals and community settings. Optometrist have undertaken a relevant Bachelor degree and/or postgraduate study in Optometry and register with the Optometry Board of Australia (AHPRA).