Health Service Categories and Careers


Health Education is a health science specialty which focuses on the development and provision of health education services and programs. These are designed to enhance health and wellbeing at the individual and community level. Health Education studies and applies pedagogical strategies to communicate with the public. Programs and services aim to educate the public and raise awareness on health issues, prevention, health improvement, and available support. By applying preventative health care strategies, Health Education plays an important role in reducing disease and contributing to positive health outcomes over the long term.

Health Education Jobs

Health Educators work in hospitals and community settings. They provide health education to a range of adults and children, community groups, students, and staff. They develop relevant programs and events which promote wellbeing, nutrition, healthy habits, and the management of existing health conditions. In hospitals and schools, health educators can tailor education programs to suit the educational and training needs of the stakeholders or audience. In the community, Health Educators play an important role in identifying health needs, educating individuals and groups, and connecting them to services and support. Health Education roles generally require a bachelor’s degree in a Health Science or related field.