Health Service Categories and Careers


Psychology is a social and health science concerned with people’s behaviour, thoughts, and emotions. It examines the biological, environmental, social, and cultural factors which influence psychological conditions. Psychology uses knowledge and a range of tools and techniques to assess, diagnose, manage and treat psychological conditions. Psychology services include: psychological assessment, counselling, non-medical therapies and referral to, and integration of, other medical, health, social and community support services. Private practices, hospitals, schools, and other community settings such as prisons, involve psychologists and their services.

Psychology Jobs

Psychologist work with children and adults to help improve their behaviour, cognition, mood, and wellbeing. They provide counselling and assessment services in a variety of settings, such as schools. They may run workshops for parents, caregivers, staff, teachers or community groups. They provide cognitive rehabilitation for people who have suffered a brain injury, or cognitive-behavioural therapy for children with conditions like ADHD, anxiety or autism. They can refer and connect patients to other medical and community support services. Psychologists have undertaken six years of accredited study in psychology, which is typically a 4-year undergraduate degree followed by a 2-year Masters or Doctorate. They are registered with the Psychology Board of Australia (AHPRA).