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GP Medical Service Provider - Morawa Medical Centre

Mid West, WA




Opportunity Available - Medical Service Provider for the Morawa Medical Centre

The Shire of Morawa is seeking to engage a suitably qualified and experienced General Practitioner (GP) to take over the management licence as the Medical Service Provider for the Morawa Medical Centre servicing the Morawa community and supporting the Morawa Perenjori Health Service (Hospital) through an agreement with the WA Country Health Service (WACHS). Historically, the Morawa Medical Centre service provider has also offered outreach services in the Shire of Perenjori and the Shire of Morawa would look favourably on a provider who is willing to continue offering services of this kind.

The incumbent GP has chosen to end his tenure in Morawa after seven successful years where he has built the centre and business in to pillar of the community that generates a regular profit. The incumbent is leaving on good terms to spend more time with family and pursue more specialised fields on the 31 January 2023. This opens up a fantastic opportunity for a new GP to take over a well-functioning business operation offering autonomy coupled with significant support from the Shire and the WA Country Health Service.

As well as the uncapped earning potential (the incumbent GP is available to discuss the centre’s earning potential with interested parties by request) that comes with operating a medical centre in a country community with the district hospital facility and aged care facility, the GP will also have access to incentives offered by the Shire including:

 Vehicle operating allowance and/or Shire vehicle

  • Rent free Shire housing (minimum of 3 bedrooms) inclusive of reasonable utilities
  • Medical Centre expense payments towards:
    • Utilities
    • Computer hardware and software maintenance
    • Building and fixture and fitting maintenance

The Shire is seeking to enter into a contract with a medical service provider who can meet the below criteria:

  • Capability to provide compliant Medical Services ordinarily provided by rural general medical practitioners registered under the Heath Practitioners Regulation National Law (WA) Act 2010
  • Manage the Medical Centre including all staff, medical records, and necessary insurances
  • Provide at least 21 hours of sessions at the Medical Centre each week for at least 48 weeks of the year, providing locum cover for periods of leave over 10 days
  • At all times during the tenure at the Morawa Medical Centre remains engaged by the WACHS to provide services to the Morawa Perenjori Health Service (Hospital facility), where reasonable offering weekend or “on-call” assistance
  • Report to the Shire annually on patient numbers, significant achievements, and other items of interest or need

If the opportunity of working in a country WA community appeals to you and you hold all the necessary qualifications and at least 2 years practicing as a General Practitioner, then contact [email protected] to receive a copy of the detailed documents to make a formal submission.

All submissions must be made in writing and submitted by post marked confidential to;
“CEO – Tender RFT-02-2223
26 Winfield Street
or emailed to [email protected] with “Tender RFT-02-2223” as the subject line.

Submissions close Friday, 6 January 2022.


Job Ad Reference RFT-02-2223
Date Listed 09 December 2022

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