Emergency Physician Assistant

Hunter New England, NSW



Information Technology

Purpose of Position

The position works under the direction and supervision of the senior doctor on duty in the Emergency Department The position provides assistance to Senior Medical staff in the following broad areas (but not limited to): 1. Enabling them in providing of acute medical care to patients presenting to the Emergency Department. 2. To meet Key Performance Indicators such as triage times 3. Enabling them to provide clinical supervision of Junior Medical Staff and monitoring the ordering of medical tests

Selection Criteria

1. A medical student of third year or greater who is currently training in the Australian medical system.

2. Demonstrated skills in venepuncture and intra-venous cannulation skills.

3. Demonstrated effective organisational and advanced oral and written communication skills.

4. Demonstrated ability to work effectively as a member of a multidisciplinary team.

5. Experience in taking arterial blood gases, applicaton of plaster of paris and casts.

6. Experience in medical terminology.

7. Familiar with Pathology and Patient Information systems.

8. Previous experience working in the health service sector.