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Revenue Co-ordinator, Patient Administration

Sydney, NSW

Temporary Full Time (up to 10/12/2018)



Purpose of Position

This role of Revenue Co-ordinator, Patient Administration is responsible for improving inpatient revenue by providing advice and support on revenue related frontline work practices.   The Revenue Co-ordinator will undertake a range of activities including: Liaise with Patient Administration in regard to patient admissions, including Medicare Ineligible patients, and meeting families when required to discuss their financial obligations Review processes across the Network and standardise where possible Identify revenue opportunities and make a direct contribution to management solutions Assist frontline staff development in the use of computer applications necessary for revenue generation Identify training requirements as they relate to data quality and support any training initiatives

Selection Criteria

1. Proven skills in the supervision and management of staff within a Patient Liaison Team and extensive experience in using relevant legislations and regulations

2. Demonstrated skills in customer management including experience in dealing with aggravated customers

3. Demonstrated organisational skills and the ability to set priorities and meet key performance indicators and deadlines based on the strategic focus of the organisation

4. Demonstrated communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to develop and maintain relationships with internal and external stakeholders

5. Demonstrated ability to undertake staff performance appraisals to identify professional development requirements

6. Demonstrated skills in data analysis and the ability to collate and present reports in a user friendly format

7. Proven skills in the evaluation of work processes and the ability to assist in the development of policy and procedures to improve work performance