Hepatology Nurse Practitioner

Hunter New England, NSW

Permanent Full Time

$2,211.10 - $2,367.50

Nurse Practitioner

Purpose of Position

Provide clinically focused care for hepatology, with special reference to chronic viral hepatitis (B and C) and hepatocellular carcinoma and other complications of cirrhosis; in an advanced and extended clinical role as defined by the scope of practice associated with the role. Provision of high quality, evidence-based care at an advanced nursing level. The Nurse Practitioner (NP) will provide health care within their agreed Scope of Practice (ScOP), and within an ethical, legal and risk management framework, through assessment, diagnosis and management of health care problems. Their attributes are clinically focused and are capable of research, education and leadership as applied to clinical care. Nurse Practitioners are required by legislation to comply with the NSW MoH Policy Directive PD2012_026 Nurse Practitioners in NSW.

Selection Criteria

Registered Nurse with current Authority to Practice with AHPRA. The equivalent of three (3) years’ full-time experience in an advanced practice nursing role within the field of intended practice, within the past six (6) years from the date when the complete application seeking endorsement as a Nurse Practitioner is received by the Board.

Successful completion of a Board-approved Nurse Practitioner qualification at Master’s level or education equivalence as determined by the Board or transitioning to Nurse Practitioner.

Experience in managing chronic HCV infection, including pre-treatment assessment and on/post treatment monitoring with interferon-based and DAA regimens.

Experience in managing chronic HBV infection, including off treatment monitoring, on-treatment monitoring and HCC surveillance.

Experience in managing hepatocellular carcinoma, including managing the adverse effects of Sorafenib.

Ability to perform venepuncture and cannulation.

Experience in performing Fibroscan on at least 100 previous patients.

Experience in management of decompensated cirrhosis including ascites and hepatic encephalopathy.