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Social Worker, Level 1

Nepean Blue Mountains, NSW

Permanent Full Time

$59,681.00 - $70,261.00

Social Worker

Purpose of Position

Social Work looks at the complex interactions between individuals as patients, their environment outside the hospital, and the treatment process within the hospital setting.  Social Work recognises that illness and admission to hospital involves adjustment within the individual and within his/her relationships with his/her outside world.   It also recognises that in the process of admission and treatment in hospital the patient experiences a degree of loss of control and independence.  It is in this context that social work takes a central role in the hospital goal of fostering the psychological, emotional and social well-being of patients.   Social Work provides a service to both the patient and the organization.   Our service to patients is in identifying and dealing with psychosocial problems that arise as a result of, or that are contributing to problems in adjusting to the crisis of illness, treatment and hospitalisation.   Our service to the organization is in identifying and dealing with psychosocial problems that hinder the smooth transition of patients through the hospital treatment system.We recognise that these two aspects of our service work together toward the paramount goal of patient well-being.   If psychosocial problems are resolved then a smooth transition is facilitated, and conversely, a smooth transition will enhance the patient’s emotional and social well-being.   Social Work, as part of the multidisciplinary health team will provide crisis intervention, psychosocial assessment, general counselling, advocacy, case management, therapeutic and grief/loss counselling, and complex discharge planning.

Selection Criteria

Degree in Social Work with eligibility for membership of the AASW.

Demonstrated understanding of the psycho- social impact of unexpected hospitalisation due to illness, accident or trauma.

Experience in working in an acute hospital setting and/ or a medical or physical rehabilitation setting.

Demonstrated ability to complete psychosocial assessments and to formulate and implement appropriate discharge and care plan in a short time frame for patients in an inpatient setting.

Demonstrated ability to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team.

High level of written and oral communication skills